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I have always loved to paint.  From a very early age, I took private lessons and then continued to study art throughout my time at school.  I studied Architecture at university, and as part of the course I took life drawing lessons over three years, and studied History of Art.  During that time, I produced pieces in watercolour and oil on canvas and worked to commission for several clients.

A career subsequently got in the way, and the opportunities to paint became fewer and fewer.  

One of the main reasons behind our move to Spain in 2016 was to get back to doing some of the things we love, and painting was at the top of the list.  The light, colours, textures, changing moods, dramatic landscapes and ever-changing plantlife here in Andalucia provide constant inspiration, so it has been relatively easy to pick up paintbrushes once more and to see if I can actually still paint.

Most paintings are for sale either as originals or as limited edition Giclee prints. Contact me for further details or visit my online shop.


To see the full range of my oil paintings visit the SHOP


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To see the full range of my watercolours visit the SHOP