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Life Stories is a programme I present for Talk Radio Europe in southern Spain, where I live. In Life Stories, I chat to non-Spanish guests about their lives here in Spain. We discuss their lives here, what brought them here and what they did before they moved to Spain. Each guest can choose 6 pieces of music that best represent periods in their Life Stories. Each of my guests has a fascinating tale to tell, and each has that one common denominator - they all decided to come and live in Spain.

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Music is an integral part of 'Life Stories' and in order to play music through the podcast, I am licenced with SGAE, the Spanish Performing Rights organisation. Licencing ensures that musicians, performers and composers receive payment for their work.

I would very much like to raise enough income from the podcast to cover these licencing costs and therefore I am asking for your support.

If you feel that you can help, even in a small way, visit my Patreon page to see the sponsorship options available, starting at $5 (approximately £3.80/4.40€) for monthly support or $20 (approximately £15/17.60€) as a one-off donation.